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Brow Raiser - Rogue Cosmetics
Brow Raiser - Rogue Cosmetics

Brow Raiser

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Let's Raise Those Brows!

Our Brow Raiser will certainly do that!

Designed to match every need, Brow Raiser will have even the newest people to the brow game looking stunning. This 9 piece palette contains a tinted wax, 3 pressed powders, 3 stencils, a dual-ended brush and a set of tweezers. Everything you need to build eye-raising brows in one compacted palette.

Our wax and three shades of powder combined to complement each other to create customized shades for each individual's needs. Start with the slanted end of the brush and tinted wax to shape and mold your brows to the ideal shape. With tweezers included, easily and quickly pluck those pesky hairs away that are messing up that perfect arch.

Having trouble getting that perfect arch or lack the confidence to freehand it?

Don't worry!

Grab one of the 3 stencils, place it over your brow and use the wax to trace the perfect brow. Then flip your brush and use one of the three powders to fill in the gaps giving your brows natural definition. Now, you're a pro too!

Why We Love It!

  • 1 Tinted brow wax
  • 3 pressed powders
  • 3 easy to use stencils
  • Dual Ended Brush
  • Tweezers
  • Everything you need in one convenient place
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Great for the beginner as well as pros
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free!